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Skippers and Chefs (Ages 9-12)

Cooking and Sailing
This week long camp offers adventures indoors and outdoors. Campers will start their day preparing a healthy lunch with the resident chef-instructor from Health Living Market and Café. In the afternoon, campers will make their way down to the water to learn the fundamental skills of sailing small boats on Lake Champlain.

NOTE: There may be traces of nuts, gluten and other food allergens in the Healthy Living Learning Center. Recipes will include gluten, nuts, soy and dairy. If you have severe food allergies please take this into consideration. Please contact Clarina Cravins at Healthy Living Market for any questions or clarification regarding food allergies and cooking activities.

Community Partner: Healthy Living Market and Café
9am - 4pm

August 7-11 is is currently full. We will not be opening any new sections of this offering and we urge those interested to register for the July 10-14 offering. In the event that someone cancels their enrollment and you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please click here to email your request.

$450.00 July 10-14

Stay at camp late to continue the day's fun.