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Paint and Sip

Join us for an afternoon of side by side parent child creative paint, hot chocolate included! Designed for creative minds ages 7 and up, this "Paint n Sip" is a little different from the traditional painting class. Through the process of unique exploration, each participant will make a personal, one of a kind painting (we don't all paint the same thing!). Instructors from the ONE Arts Center, Becca McHale and Margaret Coleman, will guide those who prefer more structured creative learning, while also offering room for enthusiastic painters who like to jump right in. We focus on the process and learning a few simple painting techniques, but most of all, emphasize fun and exploration! Each parent/child pair will receive two canvases to make two paintings, as well as a warm cup of hot chocolate.

January 27
"Where Burlington meets Lake Champlain!"
We’ll be painting the beautiful, unique view from the new building and its scenic overlook of where the city meets the lake! Or bring a photo of your favorite winter scene to recreate. Join us for warm cocoa and together we will paint the crystallized frozen landscape and winter sky.

February 24
“Abstract Explorations”
Do you find yourself both confused and inspired by abstract art? Us too. During this session, we’ll take a look at the work of other abstract artists to find excitement within us. Do you love fields of color? Expressive mark making? Detailed line work? Pattern? A sense of space? Contrast? Once we’ve discovered our inspiration, we’ll paint from within! The process is freeform and fun, allowing you to follow our prompts or your own intuition as we explore what abstract painting is all about.

March 31
“Realistic Painting - Learn to See”
Maybe you’ve heard the phrase: “Paint what you see, not what you know.” What does that mean and how do you do that? Come learn how to drop preconceived ideas and start seeing true color, value, and form to get realistic results in your paintings. We’ll do a drawing exercise, review value (shading), make a color wheel, and then put it all together by painting a simple realistic still life. After class, continue to practice seeing in this new perspective and you may find yourself appreciating more beauty and nuance in everyday life.

April 28
"Paint Lake Champlain!"
Once again, we will paint Lake Champlain, noticing how it has changed over the last months! Looking out the windows and using the landscape as inspiration, we will paint the colors of Spring!

Time: 3pm - 5pm
Fee: $60 per parent/child pair
Age: 7 yrs old and up

NOTE: Prices below are for one parent/child pairing. We're happy to accommodate more participants! Please give us a call at 802-864-2499 or email us at

$60.00 January 27 - Where Burlington Meets Lake Champlain

$60.00 February 24 - Abstract Explorations

$60.00 March 31 - Realistic Painting-Learn to See

$60.00 April 28 - Paint Lake Champlain!