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Give a Gift of the Lake

Community Sailing Center gift certificates can be used toward group sailing lessons, private sailing lessons, kids' camps, and rentals (stand up paddle boards, sailboats, canoes, kayaks).

Below you’ll find our suggestions, but we can also customize a gift certificate—just give us a call at (802) 864-2499.

$15 / $30
Paddleboard Rentals (
Stand-up paddleboarding is a unique sport that has exploded in popularity over the past several years. Using a modern interpretation of a Hawaiian long board, you quickly learn to “walk on water.” Paddleboarding offers an excellent core body and balance workout that’s challenging at first, then becomes an almost effortless way to explore the lake.

Drop In Sailing (
Experience the thrill of sailing on board a keelboat in a positive, stress-free learning environment on an introductory 2-hour sail in Burlington Bay. Sign-up is first come first serve starting at 12pm the day of the sail. The boat leaves the dock promptly at 5:45pm. In the event of inclement weather or low enrollment the program will be canceled by 5pm that evening. Please call the CSC at 802-864-2499 for program updates and registration.

Private Dinghy Lesson (
Learn to sail one-on-one in a Community Sailing Center dinghy. All private lessons are taught with a certified instructor on board. Private lessons are a great way to try out sailing or paddling in a supportive environment or focus in on skill development. Reservations can be made using the lesson request form below.

Private Group Lesson for 3 (
Each group experience will be unique, tailored to your specific goals for the day. Your course can cover all aspects of instruction included in one of our adult courses, or simply focus on the experience of sailing the lake together. Groups will learn to sail aboard one of our keelboats.

Adult Dinghy Class (
Dinghies offer an excellent opportunity to get an active, hands-on introduction to the sport of sailing. Our boats are 12-14 feet long and seat 2 – 3 adults. You will learn how to right a capsized boat on your first day of class! These fun vessels bring you close to the water, allowing you to feel how the waves and wind affect the boat immediately. An added bonus to this 15 hour course is the thrill of getting wet while recreating on Lake Champlain. Each participant receives a U.S.Sailing Start Sailing Right book and two-hour rental pass (good only for the 2016 season).

Adult Keelboat Class (
If you have never experienced big boat sailing or enjoy the more relaxed side of the sport, then keelboats are the right boat for you. Unlike the dinghy course you will be in a boat with several adults and an instructor, all learning how to sail together. Everyone will have an opportunity to trim sails, steer the boat, and approach a mooring. This 15 hour keelboat class gives you more time to observe your peers at work and take in the sights and sounds of Lake Champlain. Each participant receives a U.S.Sailing Start Sailing Right book and two-hour rental pass (good only for the 2016 season).

The Fine Print:
Certificates are non-refundable and valid for 2016 season.
You can purchase online below or over the phone by calling 802-864-2499.
Certificates will be sent snail mail to the address you provide.
We are happy to send a message with your gift!
Please include instructions in the “notes” section of the checkout page.

$15.00 Hour Long Paddleboard Rental

$30.00 2 Hour Paddleboard or Two Person 1 hour Paddleboard

$40.00 Drop In Sailing

$65.00 Private Dinghy Lesson

$120.00 3 Person Private Keelboat Lesson

$295.00 Adult dingy Class

$320.00 Adult Keelboat Class

$100.00 $100 Gift Certificate

$190.00 Custom Keelboat Program